Products available in the UK

These products are available in the UK, but may also be available in other countries with a different name. The images below have been shrunk down to fit the page, click any of them to view larger size.

tabletsEfapet? +44 (0)1483 570248
Distributed by Thomas Cork ltd
The Poplars
Lenton lane, Nottingham, NG7 2PW 
Vet Prescription known as Hibbiscrub
shampooExmaRid ? Seven Seas Ltd
Hendon Road, Hull, HU9 5NJ, UK
shampooshampooBob Martin?  Shampoo
Yatton, Somerset, BS19 4BS


  • Efapet?, ExmaRid ? Seven Seas Ltd UK

  • Bob Martin? Yatton Somerset UK

  • Malaseb? Leo Laboratories Buks UK

Always seek the advice of your veterinary doctor before using these, or any other products.

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